11 Breast Cancer-Fighting Tips

11 Breast Cancer-Fighting Tips

Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today we’ll be talking about natural breast
cancer fighting tips and this is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. I’m going to go through on today’s episode,
the best essential oils, the best vitamins, supplements, and natural remedies when it
comes to fighting breast cancer. But the reason why this is near and dear to
my heart is my own mom struggled and fought breast cancer. And I remember when I was a kid my mom going
through chemotherapy when she was diagnosed because our family lived in what I call the
medical model. And when my mom went through chemo, I still
remember this day, her hair falling out, I remember looking like she’d aged 20 years
in 2 weeks and just saying to myself, “I never want to see anyone have to go through that
again.” And praise God, she was brought through it
as being cancer free and healthy. Eventually though, her cancer came back the
second time. She decided to go through all natural treatments. She started using essential oils, using probiotic
rich foods, practicing prayer and meditation, and doing lots of different types of natural
treatments. And after doing that for a period of time
she was diagnosed as being cancer-free and it’s been about, actually over 10 years since
then as well and my mom right now is in the best shape of her life. She’s in her mid-60s, her and my dad retired
from Ohio to Florida and she is water skiing, running 5Ks, and just doing amazing. So what I’m going to share with you today
are some ways to naturally fight breast cancer. And if you believe like I do that food can
be the most powerful medicine to fight cancer, do me a favor right now, help me spread the
message about this live video going on right now. Punch that Share button, click that Like button,
let’s jump in and talk about how to fight cancer naturally. Number one here, avoid added sugars. This is a huge one. So many foods we have today, in fact, not
just, processed cereals, crackers, sandwich meats, pasta sauces, condiments, all of these
things are loaded with sugar and so avoiding processed sugars is key to fighting breast
cancer. And there’s research out there showing that
sugar, processed sugar actually does feed cancer cells. So get all processed sugar out of the diet. And I want to also add to this getting rid
of refined carbohydrates like white bread products, white pastas, that refined white
flour because it turns into sugar within seconds of being in your body. So that’s one of the number one tips that
you’ve got to do. You’ve got to get the processed sugar out
of your diet. When my mom was struggling with cancer my
mom had a real big sweet tooth. She was what I would call a carboholic, eating
carbohydrates all the time. We really changed up her diet to include a
lot more healthy fats, antioxidant-rich berries, and a whole lot more that I’ll share with
you as part of our episode today. Number two tip to fight breast cancer specifically
is, start using essential oils. Essential oils are nature’s most powerful
form of plant-based medicine. Some of the best essential oils for fighting
breast cancer can include number one, myrrh essential oil. Now myrrh actually contains several compounds,
one called curzerene which is actually been shown to fight cancer. So myrrh oil actually even in the clinical
study, this was an in vitro study which is shown to have more anticancer benefits than
the second most powerful essential oil which is frankincense. But myrrh oil very high on my list for fighting
breast cancer. What you want to do is take several drops. You want to rub it directly on the breast
area and on the neck and lymphatic area as well. Do that three times a day topically, also
use with a diffuser. But myrrh essential oil, the number one oil
you can use. Number two, frankincense oil. We know frankincense contains a compound called
alpha-pinene which actually works with the body to naturally reduce stress on the body
and also has really powerful anti-inflammatory properties. So myrrh and frankincense two of the top essential
oils for fighting breast cancer. Number three essential oil for fighting breast
cancer is actually going to be sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood also contains powerful compounds
that when topically used could fight breast cancer. And another one of my favorites is turmeric
essential oil. Now, turmeric is a fast growing star in the
essential oil category typically today. It’s used more in the powder form or the root
form which is fantastic as well or getting some turmeric shots or turmeric juice shots
are great. But turmeric contains a compound called curcumin
as well as ar-turmerone both of which have anticancer benefits according to in vitro
studies which have been done there as well. So again, the best essential oils for fighting
cancer, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, turmeric oil. I would also say ginger and lemon oil, the
limonene which is found in lemon oil, zingerbene which is found in ginger. And ginger oil and lemon oil are two oils
that are good to do internally one to two drops a couple of times a day taken with food
can have great benefits there as well. By the way, if you are a big believer in the
power of essential oils and their potential to fight cancer, hey, help me spread the message
right now. Take a minute, punch that Share button, click
that Like button there as well. And you know, I just want to say I appreciate
all of you that are sharing this message. You’re on a mission with me, because right
now there are millions of people suffering with cancer and they don’t know that there
are natural ways to support their body in the healing process. And I want to state this, not any single one
of these things is a cancer cure. So remember I said that. You can’t take a single essential oil and
see cancer cured. What this is is it’s putting all of these
things together as a program and doing it with conventional medicine or as part of a
natural protocol and using all of these things to support your body in the healing process. So I want to say this, when my mom was battling
breast cancer she just didn’t use essential oils and that was the only thing that she
did. My mom when she beat cancer she removed all
sugar from her diet. She started using essential oils and she followed
all of these tips that we’re talking about today. All right, number three here, avoid plastics
and toxins in your household. Did you know that plastics contain different
things such as BPAs like bisphenol A and other endocrine disrupting substances that really
mess with your body’s hormones? A lot of breast cancer including the type
my mom struggled with was an estrogen-based breast cancer. And so you’ve got to get rid of the products
in your life, the natural or the toxic conventional skin care products that leach in your body
and cause hormone disruption. The plastic bottles, all of the food additives,
the Teflon pans, all of these chemicals are toxic to the body. So getting rid of those, replacing those with
stainless steel containers, glass containers, are much better than plastics. So again, stay away from plastics that really
affect different organs in the body that can cause toxins to build up within your system. Another big one here, when my mom was diagnosed
with breast cancer, we did a lot of vegetable juice. You know, there’s a therapy called Gerson
Therapy where they incorporate a lot of vegetable juice. Now, the traditional Gerson Therapy included
to where you spend a lot of time, you drink 11 to 13 glasses of vegetable juice a day
and you would also eat juiced beef liver. So again there’s only one meat product you
ate, it was actually beef liver because it’s the highest, it’s the most nutrient-dense
organ meat on the planet that had so many benefits and then juicing vegetables. And that’s really what made up the Gerson
diet, is beef liver along with lots of veggie juice. And so veggie juice or following Gerson Therapy
that something my mom did is doing a little bit, now she would do a little bit of chicken
liver, getting those high levels of B vitamins, and always organic and then she would juice
a lot of vegetables. She did a lot of carrot and beet juice, a
lot of celery and cucumber juice. She also juiced a lot of herbs such as ginger
and turmeric root and also a lot of green leafy vegetables such as spinach and then
lemons as well, lemons and limes. And so she would do a vegetable juice every
single day. But vegetable juices are really taking care
of people that are nutritionally bankrupt. If somebody is very low in antioxidants and
phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals, veggie juices give your body a high dose of
these incredible healing vegetables and herbs and spices on a regular basis. So again, incorporating vegetable juicing,
a powerful way to potentially fight breast cancer. Now, another thing my mom incorporated was
the Budwig protocol and this is a really probiotic and lipid-rich meal. And one of the things, this was founded by
Johanna Budwig. She was a German scientist who was nominated
for the Nobel Prize. And she found that a lot of us, our cells,
it was like our spark plugs in our body were not firing properly. We had so many bad fats in our diet during
the time that we needed to get more healthy fats and more probiotics. So the Budwig protocol is a sulfur-rich meal
that is also high in Omega-3s and very high in probiotics. And so she would take a blend of flax oil
and something during the time called quark, something like a goat’s milk kefir and mixing
those two together or cottage cheese, think about it as a cottage cheese as well, but
it was called quark. And so what you could do for this meal, what
my mom did is we went out for the country, we bought raw organic goat’s milk kefir. She would add in a bunch of flax meal to that
and eat that daily. That actually had . . . one of her issues,
well, she wasn’t having healthy bowel movements everyday and it really helped transform the
health of her digestive tract. Another big thing my mom did for her gut is
she started consuming bone broth every single day as well, but doing the bone broth, all
the flax with bone broth as well as doing some of the probiotic rich foods, another
beneficial thing as well. So again, doing goat’s milk kefir is great
or a sauerkraut is fantastic as well or any of those types of fermented foods that don’t
have any sugar can be beneficial as well. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know
about, but this is one of the most cutting edge treatments when it comes to fighting
breast cancer nutritionally is doing something called proteolytic enzyme therapy. Now, proteolytic enzymes are found in certain
foods. especially fruit and herbs. We know that bromelain is found in the core
of the pineapple. That is a proteolytic enzyme. Papain found in papaya, actinidain found in
kiwis, ficin found in figs, and zingerbene which is found in ginger root. And so my mom did loads and loads of ginger,
did proteolytic enzymes between meals. She would take these proteolytic enzymes and
they helped reduce inflammation throughout the body and really support tissue repair. So again, proteolytic enzymes, another cutting
edge therapy here. And by the way, I’d love to ask you, is there
something that you know or have done research on or that you know can fight breast cancer
naturally? Hey, if you know of something, hey, post it
right now here on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. I’d love to hear from you some of the natural
things that you believe fight cancer naturally. Also, hey, help me spread this message right
now. There are millions of people that are suffering
with breast cancer and they don’t know natural ways to support their body in the healing
process. Now, number seven here isn’t a dietary advice. This is advice to help balance out hormones
as well as to connect with your maker. I really believe that prayer and meditation
can be key to overcoming cancer. One of the things that I found in working
with hundreds and hundreds of patients who’ve been diagnosed with cancer including my own
mom is typically patients feel overwhelmed. A lot of times if we’re talking about breast
cancer it’s a mom, a mom in her late 30s or her 40s or 50s and they still have kids at
home. They’re so busy and when they get that cancer
diagnosis it’s like being a deer in the headlights. It’s a lot of times people become paralyzed,
they don’t know what to do, and let me say this, it is so important during this time
as well to spend time reducing stress. For a lot of people we know especially estrogen-based
cancers we know when you get stressed cortisol levels raise. It imbalances estrogen and progesterone levels
and testosterone, these things can all lead to and contribute to cancer. And so prayer and meditation reduce stress,
boost our hope in healing, and that’s one of the biggest things I want to mention. So often people go into their doctors or women
with breast cancer and the doctors give them a death sentence. I think it’s the worst thing. I remember going in where my mom was diagnosed,
the doctor said, “Oh, you have a such and such percent chance to live or this doesn’t
look good or we give you this many months.” Now, my mom is still here 20 years later after
her first diagnosis and doing amazing having incredible health. But a lot of doctors give their patients a
death sentence and just what that does neurologically, I believe there’s some people who are diagnosed
with cancer who never even really had it who died because they believed that they were
going to die. And if you believe that with me, can I get
an Amen right now or a yes that a lot of doctors do that. They actually take the hope out of patients
rather than giving them hope. But I want to encourage you, one of the things
my mom did every day is, my mom meditated on verses from the bible like, “By His wounds
I am healed.” Really focusing on God has a great hope in
the future for you as it says in Jeremiah 29:11. So really focusing and meditating on prayer
and meditation and doing that every day, reading a personal growth book, reading a bible, focusing
and meditating and doing exercises that reduce stress as well, things like any type of exercise
is good. Yoga, those types of things can be beneficial
as well, but prayer and meditation, key to fighting cancer. The number eight here is, avoiding excess
alcohol. Now, a single glass of red wine a week, your
liver can easily handle that. But let me say this, one of the big things
that is connected with breast cancer specifically is when your liver becomes overloaded. Did you know your liver is one of the chief
organs responsible for balancing your hormones and detoxifying excess phytoestrogen? So think about this, if you are drinking out
of a plastic bottle and you’ve used pesticides in your food and you’ve been exposed to toxins,
well, your liver deals with that, but also if your body has excess estrogen which can
be correlated with breast cancer, your liver deals with literally balancing out or cleansing
that excess estrogen or x-estrogen based compounds out of your body. Well, if you’re consuming too much alcohol
and overloading your liver, your liver instead is there filtering out alcohol and not able
to fully filter out these estrogen-based compounds that are causing cancer or that breast cancer
to grow within your body. So again, avoiding alcohol or limiting yourself
to a single glass of red wine a week is what you want to be doing as well in fighting breast
cancer. Now, here are some other big ones. Turmeric and curcumin, there is tons of great
clinical research showing that turmeric and its compound, its main active compound, curcumin,
have anticancer properties. In fact, I would say the number of studies
on turmeric is over a thousand on fighting breast cancer. It’s really significant as well and so I recommend
a thousand milligrams three times a day of turmeric and curcumin. You can take that in a powder form, you can
do it as a tea or it’s great to do juice as well. Turmeric and curcumin, some of the most powerful
compounds when it comes to fighting cancer. Also, I’d throw a few other herbs out there
as well. Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha could be
potentially powerful as well. Holy basil is a great herb. Ginger another great herb there as well with
anticancer properties. Vitamin D, there are studies showing that
getting more Vitamin D, or having low Vitamin D levels make someone susceptible to breast
cancer. By boosting those levels could help you fight
breast cancer. I’d recommend 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D every
single day or the best yet, take some time, even if you have to travel extra vacation
time, get more direct sunlight. Getting direct sunlight is a great anticancer
remedy and last but not least using medicinal mushroom such as cordyceps, reishi mushroom,
shiitake, maitake, turkey tail, those are some of the most powerful forms of medicinal
mushrooms. Chaga, another great one there as well. These beneficial fungis were to activate and
strengthen the immune system which go and gobble up and actually kill off cancer cells
there as well. So I want to encourage you guys, listen, follow
these 11 tips. And remember again, not anyone of these single
things is a cure. And remember, these can also be used in conjunction
with conventional treatment or a natural holistic approach. But I’d encourage you, make sure to share
this with other people. There are so many people whose life could
be saved if they learn and follow this information there as well. So take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, click that Like button, help me spread the word that food is medicine here as well. So remember these tips, avoid added sugars,
use essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh, and turmeric oil, avoid plastics, juice vegetables,
do the Budwig protocol, get lots of probiotics and healthy fats on a daily basis. Take proteolytic enzymes or eat foods with
those such as pineapples, figs, and kiwi. Practice prayer and meditation. Avoid excess alcohol. Use herbs like turmeric and curcumin. Get your Vitamin D daily, and use medicinal
mushrooms. And here’s the best thing yet, I want to mention
this, something I’ve told my patients for years, don’t wait until you have cancer, eat
and live like you have cancer every single day. By doing these things you may support your
body in naturally fighting cancer and prevention, and prevention is key as well. So again, I want to say thank you to all of
you who are on mission with me and helping me spread this word that food is medicine. We know that food is medicine that can also
fight cancer if used as part of a complete lifestyle transformation. So guys, this has been me, Dr. Josh Axe talking
about the 11 tips to fight breast cancer naturally.


  1. Hi Dr.Axe,
    I been using soursop fruit that is frozen and I made juice mixed lemon, ginger every day for 2wks.
    I also been using moringa essential oils on my breast every night before I go to bed sense last month. Thank you so much for letting me share.
    Thank you! Peace and Health to all.

  2. I really like your ideas. Lots of knowledge there. However, all these expensive things to get to avoid diseases is not affordable. I regret to say this. I had endometrial cancer two years ago. I am very concerned. I also had mold in my apartment. Lots to think about.

  3. Yoga or Praise Moves? Your choice. YAH is the Healer. He may heal instantly, miraculously or use instruments like doctors or food. What is He saying to you in the Spirit? Listen and obey. He is the only Healer. YHWH Rapha.

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