10 Foods that Relieve Hypotension

10 Foods that Relieve Hypotension

10 Foods that Relieve Hypotension Hypotension is a condition that causes blood abnormally low pressure. The most common symptoms are dizziness or lightheadedness. The episode can last between a few seconds to a couple of minutes. In this article, we tell you which foods can help you when you are suffering from low blood pressure. What hypotension is and why it occurs. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the vessels. Hypotension is poor or less-than-normal tension (depending on the persons age or gender). When the pressure is low, not enough blood reaches the vital organs. The main causes are:. Taking analgesics, anti-anxiety drugs, and antidepressants. Suffering from arrhythmias or heart attacks. Being dehydrated. Having diabetes. Taking diuretics or heart medicines. Suffering from heart failure. Eating disorders. Suddenly changing your bodys position (for example, when getting out of bed). The most common symptoms of hypotension are:. Dizziness, blurred vision, vertigo. Nausea and vomiting. Pallor. Chest pain. Fainting. Difficulty breathing. Headaches. Numbness in your legs or hands. A feeling of instability. A stiff neck. Foods to raise blood pressure. If you are suffering from a drop in blood pressure and you experience at least one of the common symptoms, it would be good, as a first step, to sit in a quiet place and breathe normally. Moreover, a good idea to regulate blood pressure and reduce the discomfort felt when its too low is to consume certain foods or drinks:. Water. If the reason for hypotension is dehydration or a heat stroke, then the most effective remedy is to drink water. Start slowly with some sips and drink more as you feel better. Dont forget that we must drink two liters of water every day to properly hydrate our body and to prevent various symptoms. Chocolate. Are you one of those people who constantly has low blood pressure? Then dont hesitate to carry some chocolate in your bag. Its theobromine content raises and improves blood pressure. We recommend eating chocolates with more cocoa than fats or milk because theyre healthier. Drinks with electrolytes. These well-known sports drinks are recommended for people with low blood pressure, since they contain various minerals: sodium, magnesium, and potassium. If drinking mineral water doesnt completely improve the symptoms, try isotonic drinks. Cheeses. Because cheeses contain salt, eating a cube of fresh cheese is an excellent idea when your blood pressure drops. You can also eat a turkey sandwich, an olive or a pickle. The sodium that these foods contain is enough to prevent hypotension. However, you shouldnt overdo it with your salt intake as it can raise your blood pressure too much and be dangerous for your health. Coffee or tea. As with salt, its good to consume caffeine in small amounts if your blood pressure is low. A cup of either hot drink is enough. Dont over consume either drink, because they can cause tachycardia. Licorice. Licorice is an interesting option to prevent new episodes of hypotension. This is because it regulates blood pressure and can be consumed in both teas and desserts. If, for example, its very hot in summer, drink a cup of licorice tea at breakfast to prevent a drop in blood pressure. Nuts. Because of their contribution of vitamin B, nuts have the ability to balance blood pressure. Furthermore, they prevent not only hypotension but also hypertension. You can always carry a small bag of almonds, raisins, nuts and hazelnuts with you to consume if you start to feel bad. Other foods that offer this vitamin are legumes and cereals. Rosemary. A rosemary plant in a pot is perfect to have in the kitchen and use in hundreds of recipes (especially those that contain meat). Rosemary maintains blood pressure levels and therefore we also recommend that you consume it in the form of tea when your symptoms begin. Fruits with vitamin C. Although all fruits are good for preventing dehydration or relieving symptoms of hypotension, there is one group that stands out above the rest: citrus fruits. Dont hesitate to eat an orange or grapefruit or enjoy a kiwi for dessert. Meat. You can add rosemary to meat so that youll double its benefits. In addition to meat, we also recommend eating some pickles if youve suffered from a serious episode of hypotension. However, dont take advantage of this opportunity to eat a giant dish of meat: one or two bites are enough. Otherwise, youll be adding too much fat to your body. What to do if your blood pressure drops. In addition to consuming any of the foods and drinks mentioned above, when your blood pressure drops it would be good to follow these tips:. Lie down with your legs elevated or sit down and then put your head between your legs. Open the windows and breathe in the fresh air. Drink a glass of water. Eat a snack or something sweet. Stop doing your activities to avoid fainting or falling. If your symptoms dont subside, call 911.

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