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If you notice these symptoms, understand colon
cancer and treat it  Common gastrointestinal (GI) cancer in India
includes cancer of stomach cancer, food canal cancer, gallbladder cancer, colorectal cancer,
liver and digestive gland. It is ranked third in the case of cancer deaths
worldwide. Know about its symptoms and treatment. colon cancer
The average age of this cancer is 60 years and it is more in men. Lack of appetite, weight loss, fatigue and
anemia are its main symptoms. Bile gland cancer
Abdominal pain, weight loss or jaundice are the main symptoms. This cancer is known very soon, so only 15
to 20 per cent of patients save the possibility of surgery, which is also the only treatment. Liver cancer
It occurs in chronic disease of the liver or in cirrhosis. In this disease, some patients suffer from
light pain, weight loss, early stomach upturn or lump in the upper part of the stomach. Gall bladder cancer
This is especially for women who have stones in the gallbladder. This is known later, when the metastasis in
the liver (the condition when the cancer spreads in other organs) starts with ascites (swelling
of the tissues due to the accumulation of excessive water) and jaundice. Some cases appear in the collagenastectomy
for the calculation of the calculus in the case of the globbler. Its symptoms include lack of appetite, vomiting. colorectal cancer
In this disease, there are symptoms like bleeding, stomachache, anemia, or disturbances in the
intestines. Stage & Treatment
GI cancer address is usually done with the help of radiology such as CT scan, MRI. Stage 1 and Stage 2 mean local and early cancers,
which are more likely to cure. Stage 3 means advanced cancer, which means
it increases to the lymph nodes, but treatment is possible. Stage 4 i.e. metastasis
Role of surgery In the beginning, cancer can be treated only
when diagnosed with cancer, while in advanced cancer it can improve the quality of life. Due to the development of chemotherapy and
radiotherapy, some GI cancer cases have increased the possibility of treatment after surgery. Medical opinion
Do not eat tobacco, keep weight in control. Eat green vegetables and fruits. Make regular checkups. Symptoms of stomach cancer: The number of
cancer patients in the whole world is increasing day by day. This is a disease which is the reason why
people are the most fat. However, now it is possible to treat it but
it is necessary to know about it for the time being. In case of cancer, many go away because of
ignorance and negligence. When it is not treated at a time, it takes
very serious and it is not possible to diagnose it. There are many types of cancer. Today we are
giving you information about stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is also called large intestinal
cancer. It has problems like stomachache, vomiting. Due to which this problem is considered less
and not taken care of. Men are more likely to have cancer than women. There are many types of cancer, the rise of
auntel on any part of the body is cancer. Today we are talking about colon cancer. In stomach cancer, any stomach cell starts
to grow abnormally. It occurs in the lower part of the digestive
tract. The digestive system is the place where food
is digested and energy produces. This system also saves many essential substances
of the body. The stomach cancer starts from the inside
and spreads outwards, this is why it is very difficult to ascertain how cancer spreads
inwardly. Symptoms of stomach cancer: – In the early
days of stomach cancer the symptoms are not understood correctly. In this, you see the substance or the disorder
that normally ignores the people, because in stomach cancer, the person shows symptoms
similar to a normal stomach disease. If you are seeing any of the symptoms mentioned
below, then you should contact the doctor without fear.  There is a black colored stool in it. Vomiting after eating. Digestion in the body is
not right.  Diarrhea is also a problem.  Blood often comes with stool.  There are problems like frequent jerk. Tell you that the cancer in the stomach is
most likely to occur only after 50 to 60 years of age. Cancer is found in most of the people who
have consumed more alcohol and cigarettes than they are. Its common symptoms are: –
1. Always be in pain in the stomach. 2. Weakness and tiredness very quickly. 3. Become a member of Animia. 4. Fast weight loss etc. Note: Cancer is a great treatment for a large
extent in Ayurveda. The person suffering from this disease lacks
blood in the body. The decrease in weight of the day every day
is also indicative of the signs of appetite or without eating anything without stomach. All these symptoms tell you the sign of cancer.

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