ब्लड प्रेशर के नाम पर हो रहे षड्यंत्र का खुलासा | Blood Pressure Related Myths And Realities |

ब्लड प्रेशर के नाम पर हो रहे षड्यंत्र का खुलासा | Blood Pressure Related Myths And Realities |

Welcome to health care at home What is normal blood pressure? You will say 120/80 Why 120/80 is considered as normal blood pressure? WHO & NIH that is why it is considered as normal BP, isn’t it? How come WHO understands that 120/80 is normal blood pressure? An Italian Dr named Dr Albert design a committee of 18 people under his supervision Those 18 people investigate others BP and found that people having higher BP 120/80 They suffer from heart attack hence 120/80 should be considered as normal BP Out of those 18 people 17 belongs to pharmaceutical companies who manufacture BP medicines Such companies always look for such people who have low BP so that their medicine business can rise Hence they give such report As per European guidelines 140/90 is the normal BP In a county called Norway 150/90 is considered as normal BP & they have the minimum death rates If 120/80 is normal BP then why we have different readings in different countries? Corporate data says 160/100 is normal BP NIH, which is followed in India that too says 120/80 is normal BP Committee of 11 people check and find out that 120/80 is the normal BP Out of those 11 people, 9 people were connected to the company manufacture medicine of High BP So they were very keen in high BP so that their business can rise So ultimately what is the normal blood pressure ? The word normal used here is wrong in itself Because they didn’t find normal blood pressure rather it was an average blood pressure They took a number of 100 people and check out their BP and divide them with 100 people And the figure they found was considered as a normal blood pressure So what is normal blood pressure, rather it is average normal blood pressure Average blood pressure, average word is ok in accounts not in health We are the population of 130 crores people but we all have different BP I have different BP and the camera man sitting in front of me is having different BP But we both are healthy, it may possible that my present BP is 160/100 but i have no symptoms and healthy too It may possible his BP is 100/70 and he’s also not having any symptoms hence he’s healthy too The blood pressure where your body is giving you no symptoms, that is the normal BP for your body Mahatami Gandhi’s BP was always 210/220 throughout his life He never took any medicine and you must have seen him highly active till his last breath If we consider their findings as per today’s scenario then he should be in ICU only Because as per today’s scenario this is extremely high BP and can burst the arteries & on medicines only But he never took any medicine and you must have seen him highly active till his last breath So that was his normal BP Similarly your present BP where you have no symptoms, that is called your normal BP 120/80, 130/60, 140/90 are just the readings, don’t follow them When then your body is not giving you any symptoms, till then your body is adapting that BP We should carry forward this episode in next part as we need to continue this topic Because I don’t want to make this video lengthy So in the next episode we will have very interesting discussion on this I’ll share some studies and remedies and following them will make your BP absolutely normal We wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us To meet us you have to subscribe to our channel Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe to our channel Get all the health benefits at home if you like our videos then don’t forget to like and share them Thank you


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