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Fishery Technique in Innovative Way
Dr. Laishram Bijen Meitei, Coordinator, ENVIS Hub Manipur

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Food production is a command area and more specifically important is protein food. People of the Manipur valley rely largely on fish protein. With a population of about fifty thousand only a century ago while there were around two hundred dependable wetlands for fishes and fat rivers with huge fishery resources, fish protein food was an abundant resource with about one hundred and fifty endemic fishes. As of today only about twenty dependable wetlands survives and only about five rivers appeared to have maintained threshold volume for fishes to survive. On the other hand population in the state increases almost fifty times. All such accelerated negative changes create a huge deficit of fish resources in the state. The import of fishes from outside state has become a good business and in most cases people rely on those chilled fishes which are less tasty and there is a slight tinge of health concern for the preservatives used for which great chaos among social activists were evoked recently . The appeal is, we can reverse the business process for income to the people and for catering sufficiently for the growing population through wiser fishery practices and conservation of water bodies. We need to gather information for better techniques suitable elsewhere in the state and promote those for enhancing fish production in the state with lesser investment. The recent fishery techniques with imported fish feeds is costly and fish taste is said to have been reduced as if it is of animal meat tastes. We can do the process otherwise with the available renewable resources abundant with us.

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