Eco-Development Programme

Main aim and basic target of this scheme is to apprehend further damage in the Ecosystem of this State. Under this scheme the Directorate is taking up programmes like setting up of Biodiversity Parks, Eco-Parks, landscaping/land development and tree plantation programme at School/Colleges and other important places of Manipur. A Biodiversity Park at Jiri has also been set up and the improvement work still continues as well as Biodiversity Conservation and Beautification of Irong Waterbody, Luwangshangbam has also been set up and the improvement work is under progress.

All these programmes are focusing on the conservation of biodiversity, in-situ & ex-situ conservation of indigenous flora, landscaping, land development and Eco-tourism approaches with proper application of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) and scientific know-how with current international approaches by conducting detail study on threatened / endangered / extinct species of flora of the region.

The efforts and plan of the programme to develop Eco-Parks in School/Colleges and other suitable places of the state is also to create environmental awareness among the general public , School/college students, researchers and academicians. Under this scheme this office is taking up various programmes like beautification , landscaping , land development by planting indigenous and ornamental plants in the strategic places and schools/colleges of each district .

State Botanical Garden (SBG) has also been set-up at Khonghampat. Efforts are also being made to improve the State Botanical Garden (SGB) as well as to restore the natural ecosystem . Not only this this Directorate has identified  and started spade works in some important places like Kangkhui Mangsor cave, Shirui Hill in Ukhrul District , Heibok Ching,  etc.























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