Cultural and Traditional Ecology

Cultural ecology is one of the two major subdivisions of human ecology, the other being human biological ecology. Culture learned and shared behavior in humans is the fundamental element that sets the human apart from the other animals. All people and culture are faced with a number of major environmental issues, problems that can be addressed by anthropology and cultural ecology. Human everywhere are virtually the same biological species but have been able to adapt to the enormous environmental diversity of earth  through culture.

Manipur has its own unique culture and tradition pertaining to environment and ecology. The sacred groves and community groves are found to have a confined traditional belief that take a big role in the conservation of indigenous species such as forests and groves etc. Taking up of conservation measures for heritage site and places of the state too may be considered as equally important. Some of the important aspects in the field of environment and ecology are the promotion and conservation of the indigenous and traditional knowledge systems as well as promotion of enhancement of conservation methods and practices of indigenous crops and traditional farming being and important part to conserve the environment. Therefore, implementation of the scheme on Cultural/Traditional Ecology is targeted to promote the ethno tribal’s conservation and preservation practices of the hill people of this state inhabiting in a diverse way since the time immemorial in order to improve their livelihood.

























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